Monday, March 25, 2013

37 weeks, and sibling memory

chugging right along with this pregnancy. Things are going well. I wake way too often, and feel a sense that I just can't get enough done, esp. before true sleeplessness begins again. However, I continue to be so grateful for this new baby.
Our friends and loved ones have been showering us with gatherings and gifts, and I just can't believe our luck, we live in such a great community.
A few people have made sure to either give Acorn a gift, or talk to her about what a great big sister she will be. She and I had been having that conversation already, but it has really activated her awareness. She will now say things like, "I will be able to turn on the light for the baby, because I am a big girl and I am growing." etc. So adorable.
She will be 3 1/4 when the baby is born, and it is crazy to think she(later) probably will only have a tiny handfull of memories that don't involve this not yet born sibling.

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