Monday, April 8, 2013

Acorn's Day, and 39 weeks(me)

A friend of mine sometimes writes down her child's day and/or current interests and likes.
Today was rather lovely, and I am aware of how soon my attention will be changed and divided very very soon. I decided to record some moments from our day.

April 8, 2013, Acorn is 3 and 1/4. I am (hopefully) days away from having a baby. I have Monday off, so we usually gather with other part-time (at home) parents...

1030am = helping push cart at costco, "look at how fast my feet are going!" and then "Now it looks like the street is moving!"
arboretum with friends and cousin= lots of running around on the hottest day since fall, 2-4 yr olds running around the field and herb garden, rolling down the hill, stopping by the blanket(under the blossoming cherry tree) to drink water, to complain, to cry, to show me a new spin.
Joy and sorrow all intermixed, moment to moment. (the life of a 3 1/4 yr old, esp. when Mama is 39 weeks pregnant and not willing to run around)
played silly hats with NM(2ndcousin) and M (two of my hats, too big, one of M's, too small) running and giggling and falling and laughing.
home and nap.
Wakes, tells me a fairy visited. The fairy had a green dress and yellow hair and skin(yellow like a daffodil) she was big like Mama.
read some stories, eat.
430pm dancing and making up new dances, first, 'the stepstool dance' which involves jumping from the stool to the(just placed) mat in the kitchen, next dance 'the ice cream dance' lines up her 'friends' Maisie, jellycat and bunny rabbit on dining room floor. Each one has their arms up, lying on the floor. She lays amongst them, stretches out, says, "I am the ice cream, they are the ice cream cones."
Comes in with 'friends' in grocery cart, because 'Mama, the class is over.' and hands me each one, saying, "the children have come home from school." I am holding all four of them(winged frog was added to the dancing crew.)
conversation before heading out to plant things (this was preceded by "Please let me watch TV RIGHT now!") her current TV loves: Charlie and Lola, SuperWhy, Sesame Street, Thomas
our quick talk
"Soon I am going to be a big sister. Aren't you excited?"
"But I wish I wasn't going to be."
"I just want to be myself."
"You'll be yourself."
"I don't want to be different."
"You'll be yourself, you'll just love a new person."

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  1. First and foremost, I hope that you have had a happy and healthy delivery by now.

    And second, what a sweet day. Busy, but sweet. :)