Thursday, January 24, 2013

28 weeks

am 28 weeks along now, crazy to be on the verge of the third trimester!
I had my birthday last week. It was low-key after last year's 40 hoopla. Got to have dinner at Oyamel on actual birthday and drinks/dinner with a few friends, so nice, the next night. Never been pregnant on my birthday, before. I am sort of enjoying this whole different season while pregnant, thing. I've had to buy some clothes, as Acorn was born in early November, which meant I didn't need to be super warm and bundly while big. (first tri was during winter, but not showing, then)
I keep reminding myself of how temporary my large belly and unwieldy-ness are. And, that there are yummy cocktails in my future!
Depending on who I talk to, I am either quite large(family, mostly, who are excited about proof of baby, I think) or 'hardly showing for 28 weeks' (mainly friends who've had two kids. It is strange to get such vastly different responses, when people see me. Belly is a main topic.
It all has me thinking of my infertility journey, and how crazy that I am having another child. Sometimes I want to reach out to people that I *think* are dealing with infertility, but who have not said anything. Just to listen, or offer support. But, I don't want to presume.
I read about a new kind of doula- an infertility doula, to help get through the IF journey. I was like, "I could do that!"

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  1. An infertility doula... hmmmm. I think I could do that too. Intriguing idea.

    Yay for birthdays and third trimester! When I was expecting Pip, I had to supplement my maternity wardrobe too, because he was due in May and Ginny had been born in Nov. Had to get a few warmer pieces to get me through the cold prairie winter.