Wednesday, January 2, 2013

the nesting and cleaning drive

My favorite part of pregnancy, the organizing and nesting urge, has kicked in. Hurrah!
Now, if only I could share it with Mr. S!
And, if only I could get Acorn to nap properly, or not want all of my attention(silly toddler, who does she think she is, my responsibility, or something?)
Anyway, I've been looking around the house with 'new' eyes, seeing things to be gotten rid of, things that can be in a more proper place, etc.
I am falling into the normal "if only we had a bigger house" trap, most days, especially when seeing 'mudroom' or entryway organization, or playroom(ha!) ideas. Our living room is really just a playroom with a couch and TV also in it.
It is good to think of friends (like those in NYC and DC studio apartments) who use a small space, so well.


  1. Whenever I start feeling cramped in our little hobbit hole I remind myself that people raise bigger families in smaller spaces all over the world. I've already started looking at bunk beds, even though we won't be able to use them for another 18 months (at the very very earliest).

    Enjoy the nesting phase! Just don't let it push you to do too much. :)

  2. It is so much about how you see it, right? I like your comment about "new eyes." The Post ran a simple tips for organizing in the new year recently...things like, do 10 minutes a day, even if it's just one bag/box - donate it when the urge hits, etc. Maybe lil Acorn can help?