Thursday, December 20, 2012

the season

for the first time since I was young, we have a live tree in the same house where I live. So lovely!
Acorn wanted a small one(her size) and Mr. S wanted small, so it is just a bit shorter than me. It is covered with red and white lights, and many homemade, and some bought, ornaments.
The house smells wonderful, I am making kale, bean, sausage soup(farmer's market sausage, which Mr. S (who is mostly vegetarian) eats) and just made a batch of spiced pecans to give as presents.
Acorn had her normal super melt down she has every Thursday, after she is watched by MIL. I am glad she has time over there, but am glad it is only one day(6 hours) a week, as she is always fussy. I think it is a combo of too much TV and extra sugar. She gets both at home, but in more limited amounts than at MIL's. To counteract both, we stopped at a local monastery, for some peaceful and non-stimulating activity, on the way home(it has an amazing garden, among other things) and walked around and looked at the lights.
Acorn had fun running through the 'tunnels' (a series of cloisters, very pretty) and is suddenly fascinated with Jesus, which is no surprise, considering the season. Our neighbors have a lit-up nativity scene, so I told her who he is(not in god/religion sense, just basics) and she is intrigued.
Part of our cloister walk conversation:
Me-"there he is as a baby, in the manger" (yesterday she heard a Christmas carol and wanted to know what a manger was)
Her-"Oh. I like the sheep"
"What is he doing there?"(later picture, her asking me)
"He is talking to God." (garden of gethsemane picture)
"But where is God? Why can't we see God?"
ah, the questions are just beginning.
We aren't atheist, per se, but not Christian, at all. Will have to talk more with Mr. S about all of this. We were both raised Christian, but are more pagan leaning, now. I look forward to exposing her to many faiths and traditions, and allowing her the space to explore as she wishes.
* * *

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