Tuesday, November 20, 2012

thanksgiving week musings

I love the short week, especially when Mr. S can take off. I teach Tue/Thu, so, obviously, only work one day this week. Overall, I love work, and it is a wonderful break from all hours parenting. But, despite family issues and politics, I love Thanksgiving, food, gathering. And now that Acorn is at the age where she loves playing with her cousins, I can actually eat and talk a bit!

Of course, MIL is trying to have the dinner 2 hours earlier than usual, when Acorn should be napping. But, I am trying not to worry about that, as we are usually first to arrive, and have to wait 1 + hours for SIL and fam. So, this year, we'll try and get her an early nap(usually epic fail) and call BEFORE we wake her, to see if they are actually there.

Major benefit of living 10 minutes from MIL's!

I have the oddest experience lately, and I know it is because I am with Acorn 90% of my waking hours. When she isn't with me(like if I am out at a store, museum, etc- usually after work or after meeting a friend) I miss her and want her to be there, but just for a minute. I will think, "I want Acorn to flash forward, see this, and then go home." Silly.

We have our 20 week ultrasound next week. I am excited and nervous. Hopefully all organs are developing wonderfully. I am ultra aware of how lucky we are to have sucha healthy child, and really hope we get so lucky again!

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