Thursday, November 8, 2012

17 + weeks and out

We have done the official 'coming out on facebook' post. I did it on Sunday, as I wanted to announce it this week, but didn't want to do so on Acorn's birthday, which was Monday.
It is interesting to post a picture and news, so seemingly flippantly, when so many people don't really know just how much we have struggled with infertility. Or how surprised we were by the lack of drugs that it took for us to get pregnant, this time. I even had one friend write, "You crazy sexin' fools." Ah, if that were only all it took for us to conceive. Ha! I do know some of my fb friends have had struggles, and don't want our news to sadden or hurt anyone.

But facebook isn't a place for long conversations. So, though I post about pregnancy and infant loss, on October 15th, I rarely go in depth about stuff on there.

In person, I am quite comfortable talking about our challenges with infertility, and plan to continue to do so. I hate how there is still so much shame around infertility, or judgment about choices people dealing with infertility face. People who can conceive easily find it easy to say things like, "I would never do that." when they hear about IVF, or donor egg, or donor sperm. But, they forget that one NEVER knows what one will do, until challenged.

I started to feel the baby move last week. Pure joy and such a comfort!

I continue with my colds/allergies/pregnancy rhinitis, which make sleep a real challenge. If I get 3 uninterrupted hours, it is lovely.


  1. Yay for movement and for outting yourself. :) Hoping that you get to get some real sleep very soon.

  2. Congrats on being "out," you're looking great! And you're feeling the baby move!!!!!! How wonderful! Give Baby a little pat from us, and take good care.