Thursday, October 4, 2012

NT Ultrasound, and I am 12 weeks along!

We had our nuchal translucency ultrasound yesterday. I have really been looking forward to this as a big milestone, because

A: it means we are ending first trimester(miscarriage risks decrease)


B: we get at least a clue as to whether my Advanced Maternal Age(love that term, ha) has effected baby.

The test is two-fold, blood and ultrasound. We have to wait for blood results, as they send them away.

But, the ultrasound went great. The baby is starting to really look like a baby, head, arms, legs, spine.

Nuchal fold was just the right size (so less likelihood of heart issues) and the nasal bone was present(so less chance of trisomy defects). Brain had two sides, all limbs present, heart beating well.

Relief, minor, worry still persists.

Mr. S. is still nervous and wants to wait until blood work comes back to tell our parents, I am itching to tell, but will wait until next week.

I am not *exactly* showing, but I am, to anyone who looks hard. I've always carried excess weight in my belly, so people may think I am just indulgent.

In other news, I can't catch a break, immunity wise, have had a cold or some bug for about 7 of the 12 weeks of this pregnancy. Ugh.

It doesn't help that Acorn has reset to waking at 6am again. Why???

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  1. Congrats on moving on to your 2nd trimester!!