Tuesday, September 25, 2012

In which I confess to Being Further Along

When we were doing IVF#2, I was so stressed at the idea of failure/miscarriage(having done both, publicly) that I considered writing the journal a month or so late. In the end, I knew I needed the online support, so I just asked some in real life friends to wait to read, which they mostly did.

This time around I decided I would wait a month. So, I wrote things as they occurred, but without specifics on dates, and saved them, to post, for better or worse. I really didn't expect to be pregnant. So then I considered just 'outing' myself, once we'd had the ultrasound, but I(and Mr. S, especially) was feeling superstitious/anxious, so I held off.

Long explanation, sorry!

Anyway, we are now 11 weeks along, with a due date in mid- April. Wowee!

Had my first visit with gw midwives, it went well, but our new insurance is crappy, and we may end up having to go back to the birth center(which we loved. but which is not convenient for work) because our price to birth at the hospital is HUGE! Sucks.

I got to hear the heartbeat yesterday. First the midwife couldn't find it and did the annoying worried thing of saying, "When was your last ultrasound?" (note do not say that to someone who had a miscarriage, especially if you've only been moving ultrasound doppler thing for 10 seconds. )  Then she found it, and the room filled with a nice rapid heartbeat. Yay!

Now I am on to feeling anxious about the genetic testing, which is next week.

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