Thursday, September 13, 2012

one healthy bean

We had the ultrasound and saw one healthy tiny little sproutlet, with the yolk sac, and the heartbeat, hurrah. It measured 6wk1day on 6 wk 2day, so I may have ovulated the day after the IUI.

I had started to feel so nauseous that I was worried it was two, even though that is unlikely with a natural pregnancy, it does happen, esp. after 35.

Just one, phew.

Our RE said, "I am so happy for you guys!" and clearly was.

She also said, "I always think it is worth trying." which I didn't say anything to, as she had so actively tried to dissuade us from trying with IUI. I figure that even if she did recommmend we didn't do it, she did actually perform the procedure, and I bet there are Dr's who'd say it was a waste of their time and our money.

Mr. S.  hadn't quite believed it all, (it is easier to be believe in a pregnancy you are so clearly feeling) and got tears in his eyes when we saw the heartbeat. Sweet.

We've decided to wait to tell family(except my brother/sister in law, who are so excited!) because you never know, and I can't help but be worried about complications or general issues. I look forward to the 11 wk tests.

Nausea/fatigue is about the same with last pregnancy, but so much harder to deal with having an active toddler. Oh my!

At least I remember all the little tricks, eating tiny snacks, often. A friend recommended ginger tablets and they are helping.

Feeling grateful today!

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