Wednesday, May 23, 2012

We had our first camping trip with Acorn this weekend. It was easy camping, in that we went to a friend's property and they have electricity and a toilet. They are building a house there. Acorn was so excited to go, and so excited to be there. We were dressing her for bed and she made up a song(to the tune/partial lyrics of a song Mr. S made up) "camping camping bunny rabbit?' was the refrain. It made me smile and turn my head, as I often do when overwhelmed with love by something Acorn is doing. She gets self-concious when we pay too close attention to her drawing or writing letter or singing. One of the coolest things was that the kids there(all college friends' children) were 1, 2.5, 5.5 , 8 and 10. They ran around together(well, not the 1year old) and made up games and had a great time together. It was also interesting to see how our friends kids are being raised with such a constant access to nature, they love it

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