Wednesday, March 21, 2012

seedling memory

Acorn and I started seeds 2.5 weeks ago and they look so great. I am really enjoying that we can do things like this together. We check on them and make sure they have water and light.

She is showing more signs of increased memory, which I find so interesting. She'll ask me about things we did weeks or even months ago, and go into great detail about what we did or ate. Memory, wow. I think of it as a wakeful thing, but memories so often feel like dreams. I wonder how that is for her. I ask her about her dreams, and she doesn't usually seem to get what I am asking. The other day she did tell me about having milk outside, sitting next to Daddy, and how he and I talked. It has been at least 8 months since that occurred!
What I want to do is get some solid memories from her and write them down, things she probably won't remember as she ages.
I know some people are good at remembering early things, but I am awful. Anyone else have early (pre-4) intact memories?

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  1. I remember things from around the time of my 3rd birthday. My sister was born the day before I turned three, and I have some very distinct memories of my mom being pregnant and waiting for the baby to come.