Thursday, December 29, 2011

Wrapping Presents and other small joys

"I'm wrapping presents!" thus said Acorn this week, after helping(at different times) her Uncle, Daddy, and myself, with wrapping. I found her using tiny scraps of paper and wrapping them around toys.
I love that she enjoys all of the holiday hoopla(especially lights on houses at night), but isn't aware of the material-side of things.
She was very excited with each gift she received. Her favorite is probably this Plan toys garden set for a doll house. She loves that it has a shovel and veggies.
When she opened a book from her grandmother(one we asked her to get her, as it was her favorite from the library) she yelled, "To Market To Market" and then, "read it, read it now, Mama."
Yes, the polite please was lacking, but I couldn't help but be thrilled that in the major present excess and wrapping paper detritus of Christmas morning at Grandma's, the book excited her that much.

We try and go for a small walk each day, we sometimes can't make it before the sun sets, but it is nice to have these quiet times together. We see birds, the new sliver of a moon, the ducks bobbing in the river, cats running, christmas lights, neighbors.

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  1. Oh poppy! Acorn is gorgeous! I have been away far too long! Happy new year, friend!