Sunday, November 20, 2011


My dearest darling Acorn turned 2 two weeks ago. Wow.
She is precociously verbal. Tells stories, sings songs, plays independently (for short bursts of time), is fiercely attached to me and her daddy. She loves books, playing with friends, tickling and her bunny rabbit and pooh bear.
She defines almost everything she sees in terms of "Mama, Baby, Daddy" ie: that is the mama rock, that one the baby, etc.
At times it is a weighty thing to be such a primal influence over someone's life. I must watch what I say and do.
example: someone cut me off while I was driving, I said, "crap." Acorn said, "CRAP!" and then, to her Daddy(riding in back with her) "crap Daddy, crap Daddy!"
But, I am enjoying this journey we are on together.


  1. 2 years old! And what a beauty--and a cutie!

    (I do love reading other people who were there in the trenches & are living the dream now. But it's really REALLY hard to realize she's 2 already!)

    I need to learn to watch my mouth too. Hen's not talking much yet, but I just KNOW he's going to come out with something memorable in front of a grandparent one of these days...

  2. I can't believe she's two! She's absolutely lovely.

    I worry about Ginny repeating my words, things like 'sheep dip' (which I say in place of sh!t most days), in places like church or at the doctors office. She's already such a mimic.

  3. thanks, friends. Two is, indeed, lovely. And, amazing to see this growth and have such gratitude.