Monday, February 6, 2012

precocious girl

Acorn is a champion talker. She talks all day, and narrates everything we do, as long as she is comfortable. She clams up around certain people(especially some men) so much so that some people ask us, "she talks?" We laugh.
"Mama, I am making you a christmas tree." (as she cuts paper into triangles)
"This is the Daddy seven and this is the Mama seven and this is the baby seven. They are all sitting together."
Almost all things she sees can be quantified as Mama, Daddy, baby.

When we are in stores people often stop to talk to me and ask how old she is. This is usually mothers/grandmothers who overhear her. When I say she was 2 in November they gasp and then tell me about their 3-4 yr old and they wish he/she were that clear. I don't know what to say to this. I know I am getting a compliment. Some go further, and ask for advice. As if I am an expert!

When I say we read many books a day and rarely watch TV they are surprised.
I am realizing how lucky I am to have this communicative girl. I try to be humble, but I am very very proud of her.


  1. I am very proud of Acorn too! And her mama!

    One thing I am especially grateful for also having a very communicative 2-1/2 year old, is that it gives us a unique insight into what they are thinking and the world inside their minds.

  2. you are so sweet!
    and yes, the insight is amazing, I am so much less anxious now that she can tell me what is going on with her. When she descends to crying/whining I always say "Tell me with words" and she usually does.
    I wish we could get Pinecone and Acorn together, I bet they'd have a blast.