Saturday, November 27, 2010

the thankfulness post

Wow, Thanksgiving was a very notable milestone for me this year. This is probably because it is the first holiday we celebrated after Acorn's birth last year. And, last year I had a double infection on Thanksgiving, a wake every 2 hours baby, and other newborn woes. This year, I have a talking, walking(running), dancing roaring baby. And, I actually enjoy n.ursing. Last year, at this time, I actually cringed when I knew the baby was hungry.
the walker, last week:

Even with all of that, I was thankful last year. So, imagine how I feel this year. So happy, grateful, lucky.
And, I fully and truly appreciate the need for community, for other hands, when one has a baby. And how.
Acorn is very happy when she has many people to walk to, to look at, to interact with. She definitely needs 'alone time'(read:with Mama or Daddy) and quiet, occasionally, but only to recharge.

During Thanksgiving dinner(after she'd made an obligatory swipe at eating a bit) she kept walking from the living room to the dining room at the J-family house, and kept laughing and clapping to see all of us at the dining table.
And, we had my brother and new sister-in-law at the table. The family grows. Lovely.


  1. Look how big she is already! Thanks for sharing the pics. What a gorgeous girl.

  2. Thanks R.J. it baffles me, her growth, her beauty.

  3. Love her clothes, her eyes, her proud smile. What a difference a year makes!