Monday, October 18, 2010

the flowergirl

One. First plane ride has been taken! We flew to Austin for my brother's wedding. Acorn did so much better than we could have expected. Yay n.ursing! Her main complaint was the lack of space to move around.
Two. First wedding, and first time as a flower girl. Note to others: if you and your child are both in a wedding party, try and get ready earlier than usual. We just squeaked in. Here she is in all of her adorableness:

Three: we stayed in three separate places over 5 days, and Acorn had fun in each one. She loved exploring her new surroundings. She especially loved using dresser knobs to pull herself up. And, she loved all of the carpeting. There are days I wish we had wall to wall. We can't even put rugs down, due to our overly pee-ful cat.
Four: she slept terribly, so did we. Who knows if it is b/c she was just getting over an ear infection, or the new spaces. She woke every 2 hours. Yikes.
Five: in the daytime she was so cheerful that we feel more confident that Acorn really just needs us around and she will be happy in new spaces, even meeting dozens of people every day.
Six: we are so happy to be home, and the cleanliness of the B&B's and hotels that we stayed in has inspired us to clean. We spent two days cleaning and our house is so much better.

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  1. Hi Poppy,

    I am soooo late in commenting, as I am computer-less these days. Acorn is incredibly adorable!!! Sounds like overall things went great. Sleep while traveling is always a problem. And yay for a clean house now!