Monday, September 20, 2010

10. 5 months

I had planned a lovely, memory filled look back at Ms. Acorn, on the occasion of achieving 9 month status, and how she was embarking on her 'longer on the outside than the inside'-life. But, life, busy-chaotic, full of plans, etc. intervened, and I composed in my head, but never here.
And now, she is almost 10.5 months. Zowee.
It does seem that many of us, here in bloglandia, remark upon a constant sense of disbelief at our baby aging. But, it does feel remarkable, daily. It is the most pedestrian thing: children grow, babies become toddler, etc. But, when you have seen other people's children grow, all while waiting for your own, when those babies, born after yours would've been if you'd conceived quickly, start walking, talking, swimming, etc., you feel yourself in a state of stuck-ness. Of how static YOU are. Then, suddenly, I became unstuck(thankfully, gratefully).. And so, I am one of the "I can't believe she is..."
But she is!
She is crawling, saying more 'words' pulling herself up and letting go, slowly lowering. She has a more and more clear sense of humor, of what she likes and doesn't like.
Here she is, one month ago, during our beach trip: She is roaring....

She loves: babies, children, animals(esp. our cats), me, her Dad, crawling, clapping, peek-a-boo, peaches, certain books, chewing on goggles, paper, cold water(drunk from a cup), dancing, singing(us), live music, ribbon, roaring.
She dislikes: new people poking her in the belly/face, or grabbing her hands, bottles, napping, when I eat cabbage, loud noises, wind-up-toys, the waves on the beach.
Her first birthday fast approaches. I will leave that for another day.

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  1. Time really does fly by, doesn't it? And yet at times too it seems to move slowly. So strange. Acorn sounds like such a delight -- I love the list of her likes and dislikes. I hope she learns to like naps. For Pinecone, naps got a lot better around 1 year, which is also when we started getting up consistently at 6 am. I don't know if it was the early start of the day, her age, or something she decided to do on her own, but it helped naps hugely. I hope it's an age thing, and soon Acorn will nap well too!

    She is just beautiful!