Monday, August 2, 2010

Acorn in the Apple

Acorn went on her first train trip(accompanied by us, of course) up to the Big Apple. Here she is on the train, entertaining herself with my empty bottle:

But really, we went to Brooklyn, where I lived for four years. It was so interesting going to a place that formed a very specific part of my life, with my baby, who is so central to my current life. And, to the place I lived when I met Mr. S.
We visited friends, walked a lot, ate at some good restaurants and walked some more. I miss walking so much, I admit. Acorn did well. We alternated her in the stroller and the Here we are at a museum:

She laughed a lot, stared at my friends, then chattered. Her new way with people and/or new places is to stare quietly and then start chattering away. People meet her and say, "she is the mellowest, quiet baby!" and we laugh, as she is actually quite loud. But, she likes to observe people for a bit.
The sleep training helped a lot, she is down to 1-2 wakes a night, and we are much better, though I dream of full nights of sleep. Someday...


  1. I look forward to those kinds of moments... so glad that the sleep training is working!

  2. Congrats - it looks like everything is going really well! First time I've popped in in many many months. Glad to see everyone so happy and healthy. I've had my hands full with the twins... They are 13.5 months, and growing like weeds. Lots of fun at this age.

  3. Blessings and congratulations.....