Sunday, January 2, 2011

Wishes for 2011

I started the year off sleeping. We had gone to a family friendly New Year's Eve party, but I was in bed by 11. Sounds like a good way to begin 2011, to me!
Of course, someone in the neighborhood decided to set off real fireworks at midnight, so I also started the New Year waking. Oh well.
I also started the New Year (New Year's Day) off having pancakes with Acorn and Mr. S, working on a poem, going on a hike in a nearby state park(eating some hoppin' john in the car before the hike), watching Acorn run down the path and get enamored with leaves, shopping, having greek food, and, today, having brunch with a great bunch of friends.

These are the things I want from the year:
more sleep, food with those I love, poetry, friends, nature. My baby growing, learning, thriving.
I would also like more financial security(ie more work), and a sibling for Acorn. We are trying to be realistic about the latter. We know we are lucky to have Acorn, and to be parents. But, we are greedy (esp. me) and want someone for her and for us. Mr. S is convinced it is an unlikelihood, but I will dream for awhile.

I haven't really made resolutions. I am wishing on 2011 like it is a birthday cake.

I hope you all are having a wonderful start to your year.


  1. Happy New Year! I hope all your wishes come true!

  2. That photo is a framer for sure!
    Happy New Year!