Friday, April 30, 2010

awareness of time

Our little Acorn turns six months next week. This is a bit mind-blowing to me. It seems a bit ridiculous, that I, an overly-educated individual, can be so disbelieving of the simple passing of time.

I realized some simple things about six months. The first being that six months is half of a year. (I warned you, my brain can't seem to compute complex thoughts, these days)... How can my baby be 1/2 of a year old? I received a note from b.abycenter last weekend that said, "At this time last year you were 12 weeks pregn.ant." We were just leaving the danger zone, so to speak. It is easy to look back and think of all of the milestones of my pr.egnancy, how happy I was to have it keep on continuing.

Our Acorn is a little yeller. She yells(not cries) when she wants to: move, eat, sleep, look at something, chew on something. We have not yet learned to differentiate these yells, so my day is filled with, OK, let's try this, moments. And, she is sitting up. Wobbly, but sitting. She engages her muscles in a way that makes me want to get myself to a pilates class.

Since she arrived, she has been(to me) a part of me. As she asserts herself, her likes and dislikes, her desire to be out in the world, I see that soon she will start to be more of an individual. It makes me a bit sad, though I know it means she is healthy and thriving, and growing older.


  1. Too adorable. Are she and Emily friends? Santiago? Strong cored baby!

  2. She and Emily are getting along. Santiago mostly avoids her, still.

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  5. Happy Birthday Little Acorn! You grow more beautiful every time I see I new photo!!

  6. Happy Birthday Little Acorn!
    You grow more and more beautiful every photo your mommy posts!!