Tuesday, May 18, 2010

first friends

As seen in the last post, Acorn has recently become aware of animals and babies. She is very very interested in them, and has a specific voice she uses to call a cat, dog, baby or young child to her. It rarely works, but I love that she is showing this kind of awareness to her surroundings. Our one cat will come and sit by us, and let Acorn pet her head. The neighbor's new puppy would like to lick/chew Acorn as much as possible, but he is young and has sharp teeth, so mostly I let her look at him.

My friend has a baby that is 3 months younger than Acorn. We get them together once every couple of weeks. This was taken at their last visit. And yes, they are almost the same size!

They kept grabbing hands, it was adorable. My Mom decided that they were the cutest pictures she'd ever seen. She is biased, obviously.

Here, Acorn is with another baby-friend, just 3 days older than she is. We expect to see them alot this summer, as we'll be at the same pool.


  1. Very sweet pictures! It's really nice to have buddies that are close in age. It will be a fun time at the pool this year!

  2. How adorable! I love the picture of the two cuties holding hands.

  3. It is so fun to see babies interact with each other. My twins hold hands like that all the time while playing.

    How I wish we were at your same pool too!

  4. Oh man, so cute! I've been seeking out buddies for Z too.