Tuesday, January 26, 2010

all around and even some sleep

The weekend was incredibly busy. My Great-Uncle passed away and we had funeral events to attend, as well as already planned social gatherings. Our little Acorn was out and amongst friends and family from 11am until 830pm on Sunday(3 events) and was passed all around and cooed over. I was nervous that it would overwhelm her, but she did well. Napped at times, and looked at people the rest of the time. She is entranced by my Uncle, Mr. S says she looks at him as she looks at Star(a high compliment indeed)...
Sunday night she gave us her greatest sleep ever! 8 hours in a row! I woke with very very hard and leaky b.reasts. The next night was more like usual, but we are hoping that night was a prelude of great sleeps to come!


  1. Oh Little Acorn, you are so good to your mommy and daddy--with all that sleep! And so beautiful too!

  2. 8 hours! Gasp! I am jealous! (to be fair to PC, she has some nights of 7-8 hours, but they start at 7-8 at night, so I still get up at 2, 4, 6 or 3, 5, 7 ...)

    She is just beautiful.

  3. yes, she went to sleep at 7pm that night. We've had a rough week.

  4. hope that eight hour sleep was really a prelude for lovely sleep to come!
    she's totally adorable and I love the polka dots. :)