Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow as tall as our baby

Acorn is 3 months old! Wow. We had a very rough couple of weeks leading up to the big 3 month day, and I was at my wit's end, wondering what was happening and thinking, "everyone said it gets easier now.. but not for us!"

After 2 weeks of rampant crying and outright screaching, I finally realized that she now needs calm and quiet to fall asleep, and that I have to leave her alone(this is the exact opposite of how she used to fall asleep for naps) so all that yelling was her saying, "Mama, don't feed me or entertain me, just let me be!" What a learning process this all is!

Just this week she really found her voice. It is a lovely thing, so cheery! She has little giggles and coos and chats with her toys, her hands, and us. I took her for her first 'swim' on Thursday night, she looked curious, worried, but never cried, even when I took her under water for 2 seconds! We have an adventurer.

We are digging out of the major storm. We got about 24 inches in our neighborhood. The icicles hanging from nearby rooftops are tremendous. Ours are long, but not as long, probably because we keep our house cooler. The streets are still slushy/icy and the trees in our area just aren't up to that much heavy/wet snow, many branches and trees are down. Happily, we haven't lost power.

Here is our little Acorn in her Bumbo chair.


  1. Aren't those coos and giggles just delicious! Good for you for figuring out what she was trying to tell you. Mostly it gets easier, but there are times when it doesn't seem to. For us it naps are one of those things that are constantly changing. Learning process is right!

    Love the bumbo chair! What a cutie!

  2. How amazing that you figured out what she needs! I haven't been able to find out what works best for Z -- I am so tired today!

    Ah the snow -- it's hard to believe it will ever be spring, isn't it?

  3. I can't believe how big she's getting!

  4. Your little acorn is SO precious! Incredible to see her thriving, and to imagine her cooing and giggling like my trio.