Sunday, January 17, 2010

10 weeks and looking around all the time!

Our 10 week old is doing some new things. Most notably:
1. she sleeps in 5 hour and then(sometimes) 4 hour stints at night! Sometimes she starts with a long sleep and then regresses to up every 2 hours. But, the huge change(and improvement) is she usually falls back asleep within 30 minutes. It used to be 45 min. to 2 hours we'd be up!
2. She gets bored easily. She has a new love, Star(a stuffed toy I made) they are together: (star is black/white/red on the side she looks at)...and loves images from wee gallery, high contrast books and other visually intriguing things.
3. She had her first visit to a museum, and totally looked at art!(or at least small pieces of the large art). She has this great way of raising her eyes or focusing intently when she likes something.
4. We have started 'itsy bitsy yoga' which is really just 'stretch the baby' time, but it is fun, she likes it, and I meet other new moms.

and finally, one year ago today I was gearing up to start injectables, how crazy is that?

There is more, but I am tired. Here is our girl, looking out from her play mat:


  1. She is beautiful! What a sweetheart. And what a difference a year makes.

  2. She is GORGEOUS!!! Where has 10w gone? Sounds like she is one smart cookie!

  3. Gorgeous eyes!!! Sleep makes everything better-- way to go Little Acorn!!

  4. poppy, how great that she's getting these stretches of four or five hours at night! and that the "up" time was cut down. I can only imagine the huge difference it must make on your level of rest. :))
    She is beautiful. I am so happy to witness your joy of motherhood. You were my first friend in this blogging world and I am very happy to have been here through your journey. :)

  5. She is SO beautiful!! Her eyes look like the ocean... and I love her homemade starfish.