Wednesday, December 30, 2009

more smiles, longer sleep

Our baby Acorn smiles more each day, she is starting to smile and coo at the same time, which makes her cough a bit, but she stays smiling. A friend had told me, during my first exhausted weeks, that when the baby starts responding to you things get easier. She was right! It isn't easy, per se, but easier.

I have yet to get more than 3 hours of sleep in a row, but that is b/c I have over-productive milk, and wake leaking.

We had a huge snowstorm here, the week before Christmas. The next day we went on a walk and I ended up falling on some ice. I was wearing Acorn, but luckily I fell in a way to protect her. I skinned my knee, but she was so fine that she stayed asleep(in her carrier) even though she was 4 inches from the ground. Mr. S said it was a crazy thing to watch.

Christmas was a bit tiring for us, trying to do our normal run around(modified some) and still get lots of presents for people. I would've been much happier at home. But, everyone is so happy to see our Acorn and to see her smile and watch them.

She'll be 8 weeks tomorrow, that is crazy to me!

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  1. One of my fears is falling while wearing Pinecone - glad to hear the maternal instincts kick in to protect during the fall!

    Aren't those smiles the best!!! Enjoy - they just get smilier! :-D