Tuesday, August 25, 2009

a small, specific to today happiness list

Keys to a good day while in the third trimester:
1. A good night's sleep.
2. waking with things that you would like to get done, but not TOO many for one day.
3. Not too hot outside.
3A. If too hot, a place to cool off.
4. Not too much walking, or back will hurt.
4A. if too much walking(or back hurts) a place to take a break.
5. Understanding husband, partner, friends.

I have compiled this list after not having item 1. all weekend, or the night before last. I slept well last night(though 3 pee-wakes seem de riguer now) and woke with a lot of energy to do things today. I have already mowed(don't worry, Mr. S brought out mower and I mowed an area that is about 10x10 and then another that is 8x15 only)... returned student emails and cut a bunch of peaches to make some more jam.

We were at the beach this weekend, which was quite nice, but neither of us slept well, between a muggy room, a bed with plastic on it(ugh) which made our sheets keep slipping off, and neon brightness from a hotel nearby. The days were nice, but by day 3 we both were probably showing the lack of great sleep(need Item 1).

We went to a local beach town that we love, on Saturday(30 min. from where we were staying on the nice beach but not great town) and had a nice walk around. This brought on Items 3-4.

During the walk(and it was a hot day!) my back got more and more sore(Item 3-4). I was starting to feel sort of miserable and then I saw a small basement cafe and looked in and spotted couches. I had a 'hallelujah!' moment and said to Mr. S- "If they have a/c as well as couches we need to go in there." they did, so we got some iced drinks, sat and relaxed while looking through some books. Neither of us is good at doing something so mellow when we are away, and it was wonderfully refreshing.

On our return home, we had 2 hours to get ready for a women's group meeting. It was my turn to host, (set up awhile ago) and though people had offered to let me host next month I felt now would be better than when I am larger. But, as I cleaned I realized the women on the way over would be understanding of our messy dining room. We got the kitchen and living room done and then I was like, "that is enough, they will understand." And they did, which brings me to Item 5. Yay Item 5!


  1. it's so great when we break old habits and find that refreshing; like the mellow chilling out at the cafe and not having everything spotless for company. ;)

  2. According to your babyastrology.com, your baby is now as long as you are wide - wow! Each month seems to have a new set of requirements...just like post-labor! Nice that you two figured this one out.

  3. as long as I am wide where? I am so curious!