Monday, August 31, 2009

30 weeks

As of yesterday I am 30 weeks pregnant! Wowee. I said to Mr. S, "If our baby comes in 8 weeks he/she will be considered full term." And he, and I must admit I, were like "!!!!" That is soon! To be in the 30's is crazy-wonderful for me.

I am feeling very lucky and happy to be progressing well. I have my daily annoyances: swollen and hot feet, sore back at the end of the day, extreme grumpitude when I get too hot, and the current worst: Waking up almost every night and being awake for an hour around 4 am. But, each day I am pregnant is another day our baby is growing well and in the best place. Having seen my sister-in-law give birth at 28 weeks, and watched her tiny baby, her and her husband deal with the NICU for months makes me realize how lucky I am to have this baby inside still.

I know, ask me the same question in 6 weeks and I may have a different answer.

My class starts tomorrow. I wonder if my students will freak when they see me walk in with my large belly?


  1. 30w?!?! Where is time going! I am excited for you - that is an awesome milestone! Have a great first day of class!!

  2. how cool that your students will be all surprised. I remember thinking it was so awesome to see teachers pregnant.
    gosh,. 30 weeks... eeekkk! it's coming close... and so happy for you that you and baby are doing superbly well.

  3. Maybe your 4am wake-up is your baby preparing you for his/her favorite feeding rendezvous :)

  4. Poppy, thank you for your tip on the FRER (assuming i understood right it's the first response early result thingy). I've been doing that one and getting nice pink lines there. I'm happy, but it's a little surreal as I feel quite normal to tell you the truth... After the beta tomorrow, I'd like to ask you about some tips on nutrition advice. If I remember correctly you are also vegetarian, and I have no idea on how to make sure I can have a healthy pregancy eating all the extra protein I probably need. OMG, did I just write that? am I talking about my pregnancy as a fact? I guess I am . I am so hopeful right now. I really want to have faith that this will all work out.

  5. So glad you and baby are doing well. I know you can' wait for your baby to arrive, but enjoy your pregnancy - you will never have your baby to yourself again!