Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Rain Fall and Summer's Ending

It is interesting, as a child, school starting meant summer ending. School beginning meant the end of unstructured time. My brother and I were latch-key kids, so in summer, we didn't go to camp or anything, but we did have hours to wander, pick blackberries, read, play games, and even go to the pool(when we moved in 5th grade)... Even still, I always loved the return to school, because I liked the learning, reading, art classes and friends.

Over 20 years later(and many years where summer often meant working a lot before school started) I have returned to an awareness of summer, and summer's ending. Now that we spend so much of our summer outside, eating, sitting with friends, etc. I am being dragged to the 'end of summer' quite unwillingly. Add to that my pregnancy, and that my most comfortable time of day is spent in the pool(talk about a return to how your body normally feels, not heavy) and I am even more wistful.

Saturday we had a lebanese potluck at our group of tables, there was a band playing and lots of good conversation to be had. Later: a fire on one part of the grounds and the movie "spirited away" on the other side. The moon rose over the area where the fire was, and it was quite magical.

Mr. S and I try to enter fall saying we'll be outside as much, but usually manage only 1 night every 2 weeks to have people over and go outside and watch the bats fly and the moon rise. Alas.

My students seem unphased by my impending due date(thank you swine flu hoopla for that). I did buy my first delicata squash yesterday, and squash soup and other savory lovelies are sounding more and more wonderful as the week continues with cooler weather and rain. The baby continues to move so much that I don't worry about doing a nightly 'kick count.' I'll be 32 weeks on Sunday, and that is 8 months, which is a bit unfathomable.

What does summer's end mean for you?


  1. Mostly summer's end is welcomed by the time it rolls around due to the extreme heat here in August. I feel a lot of excitement thinking about the cool, crisp weather to come. Also at summer's end I feel a twinge of longing for school days. I always did look forward to the new school year with excitement. And I must admit that I still take a long visit to the school supply section and buy at least one notebook each year!

    So glad that you and Baby are doing great!

  2. Relief will be here soon with the breaking of 100 plus temperatures.
    What is Rain?? I haven't seen rain in six months. Sixty days, wow, P.S. so close!!!

  3. Congrats on making so far! Your baby will be here before you know it and then chaos ensues. : )

  4. Summer's end usually means to me one thing: I didn't do as much this summer as I wanted to!! [Like going to the river, lounging in the sun, etc.] This summer is no different.
    Here in the Bay Area, our "hot" weather actually happens in September/early October. In SF we spend all of July in 60 degree weather, and I'm genuinely excited for the 78 degrees we're supposed to get tomorrow! Oakland, where we live, is much warmer... but of course most of the time I'm in SF for work.
    Fall also means the "back to school" mentality for a lot of clients, surprisingly. Most will let their hair go while on vacation, but come September it's time for a new look, new color, something. This is good for me. :)

  5. I like reading what others do, thanks!