Wednesday, July 22, 2009

too much going on!

We had another too many parties weekend, and this one has taught me a lesson. I shall now use the pregnancy as an excuse to keep it to one party a day!

We had a babyshower on Saturday, I thought I'd be able to do some sleuthing, but they didn't open gifts. This seems to be the norm with showers where the Dad and other men are there. But why?

Then we had some pool downtime, which was nice, and then to BiL's party, where we were hoping to hear that he was engaged(the invite made us think it possible), but no such luck. The party was fun, though.

Sunday was my grandmother's 84th bday, and my first time seeing most extended family since we announced we are pregnant. After that we did a babies r us run, and that finished me off. I got so tired that a glider chair seemed like the best idea ever!

I had dizzyness and tiredness from Monday morning to yesterday, and called my OB's office. They were like, "come in in 2 hours" and aS I was on my way to the metro they called back and said "Dr. P(my OB is out of town) wants you to go the ER as they can run better tests" and I was like "are you sure? I'd rather come there" and they said yes. So, I went back home to figure out where to go and then left. Next time I go with my gut!

The ER itself, wait, etc was quick. But, the first ER Dr. I saw was literally telling me about vertigo medicine as I was in triage getting my BP taken. Dumbhead. I said, "Can't we wait until we know what this is before you give me a prescription?" He said, "It is rated B, which is OK for pregnancy." My BP was high for me, but later it was low, so I think it was him raising it. I thought they weren't supposed to ask you questions during blood pressure readings?

They did a sono for 10 seconds and the baby was fine, hb 150, etc. What a relief.

They moved me to a tiny closet room with a major bleach smell, and took urine and blood and an inept tech tried to get an iv drip in me in 2 places(unfortunately right hand, it still hurts) and that swelled up and I said "Why do I need this?" and she said "The Dr(a new one) thinks you may be dehydrated, so we're going to hydrate you" all this while my hand is puffing up(and hurting). I said, "Can we wait for the labs?" so she got the other Dr who said I could wait to be hydrated.

Long story short, I waited an hour or so for the labs, they had me drink 3 glasses of water. I was chilly, and wondering why I was shut in the tiny scary room(it had a big drain in the floor) but now I think they were trying to keep me away from the other, possibly contagious people all around, so that is good.

I am mildly anemic which is normal for pregnancy, everything else is fine. I paid the stupid $100 copay and was out 2 1/2 hrs after getting there. I am pretty sure they could've done those tests at the OB! My first bp reading was 140/76 and the one before I left was back to my normal 110/60.

The ER stress sucked, but I am glad we are both well, and I am upping my iron-food intake. I see my OB on Monday for the GTT and monthly exam.


  1. Oh my goodness! That sounds very scary. Glad that you are both well. Welcome to the third trimester:-) Just directing for you on nursery day!!!

  2. thanks flitter! I have 3 weeks until I am in the third tri.

  3. That does sound like a scare -- but the good news is that your OB office was taking you seriously -- all very good things...

    Three weeks! That will fly by!



  4. Boy, I'm glad it wasn't anything serious! 3 weeks to the 3rd tri? Wow - that went fast! So glad you are doing well.

  5. Yes, good idea, take it easy. Wow, I'm a little exhausted just reading about your active weekend.

  6. I forgot, so glad all is well w/you and your sweet babe.

  7. Wow... I stumbled on your blog and will be praying for you and you little one...

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  8. Your weekend sounded WAY too eventful for me - good for you for hanging in.

    And I'm glad that you're okay and the baby is good. :)

  9. Whew. That made me tired just reading it! Sorry you had a scare, but I'm glad that you both are doing good.