Saturday, July 18, 2009

registry madness

We have already received a good amount of baby hand-me-downs, some clothes, a nursing pillow, baby bath, a couple of slings, some cloth diapers, etc. This is overall wonderful, but I am now facing trying to figure out what we have, what we need, and what we need to give away. I have a large pile of clothes I know I won't use(from a pile given to me by a fellow IVF mom who was passing along hand-me-downs)... But overall the pile of what we have is sort of haphazard.

So, my questions for those of you who have registered, had showers, and/or who have babies already, etc. are these:
Did people actually get you things from your registry? It seems like most showers I go to the people receive the cute outfits/toys(I fall into this category of gift-giver, often) and not the hand-selected stuff.
This makes me wonder how plannerly I need to be this early on.?. I love the idea of friends picking things out that they love, making things, or even giving me hand-me-downs.
Is the registry really mainly for family members?
And, did you ask for and receive anything you love, anything you don't use?

The reason I ask is b/c we will be next to a baby store tomorrow, after my Grandmother's birthday gathering, and I would like to get started!


  1. I have the same questions -- I'm feeling overwhelmed by the 'stuff' part of the next phase...

    I wish I could be more help!


  2. I think being Team Green will help keep the clothing and cutesy stuff to a minimum. I feel like at the showers I have been to recently, the mom has gotten a good bit off of her registry and a good bit random stuff too.
    I just printed a Newborn Necessities Checklist off of Consumer that is helpful. Not sure if I mentioned it before, but Baby Bargains Book has become my bible. The sample registry in the back is really helpful.
    The advice I have gotten is make your registry as full as possible. You won't get everything, but many stores do a nice registry completion coupon so you can buy any must haves at a discount.
    Have fun! it is overwhelming!

  3. hey Poppy, I don't know much about registries (yet), but I'm one to follow it when I go to baby showers...
    thanks for you comment. I'm going to look for your january post.

  4. I don't have an answer for you, but I want to put a plug in for a couple of items that we and Pinecone have loved: 1) "swaddler", which is like a blanket/bad with velcro so you can put baby in a secure swaddle for bedtime. It think this helps her sleep better.
    2) "sleep positioner", also called wedges, we can them bumpers. She's tucked in between them at night, keeps her on her back, and she can sleep between us in our queen size bed without us worrying about rolling on her (esp important for husbands, who tend to have less of a sleep awareness).

    If you register, I'd recommend those items! Cheers!