Saturday, July 25, 2009

ah, better

We've been in a little mini-drought. No rain for over 3 weeks(after the rainiest May/June I can remember. My rain barrel went dry, large trees were starting to drop leaves. After 3 days of forecasted thunderstorms we finally got a whole evening of them on Thursday.
I woke up Friday cheerful and energized. The air felt clear, the yard looked fresh.

The baby is now moving so much my belly jumps sometimes, that is very cool. And suddenly, my belly feels heavy. Especially when I lean over. Oh my!
I am appreciating the pool for a new reason, for the relief from gravity that it gives me. Last night I climbed up the ladder and felt how heavy my middle has become. I am not complaining, I am just adjusting! I woke up with images of a belly band that will help me feel lighter.
It is supposed to get HOT today, and we are hoping to get some cleaning done beforehand. We have yet to use our a/c(we have window units) but I think they might be put to use today. And then... (surprise) we are off to the pool.


  1. Enjoy that weightlessness! And your wiggly baby! It sounds like the end result of your ER visit was drink more and eat more. That's good news - so glad it wasn't something more. Don't forget electrolyte drinks, which are important especially when it's hot.

  2. Hey poppy! We went to Special Beginnings in Arnold. They do tours every monday night, you just have to call ahead and make an appt. I think you would LOVE it!
    Thank goodness for the lovely rain!

  3. I had that exact same feeling in a pool yesterday. Walking around in the water was pure heavenly refreshment and walking up the steps felt like my body and gravity were not getting along. Glad you are doing well.

  4. oooh, have fun at the pool! I'd love to have access to a pool.