Monday, July 27, 2009

mmmm, orangey

I had my GTT(aka Glucose Tolerance Test) this morning. Per friends instructions, I had refrigerated my orange drink last night, and drank it while we drove to the metro. At first I was like "Hey, this isn't so bad" it reminded me of those freezer pops that come in the plastic tubes. But, drinking the whole thing in 5 minutes made me not so thrilled.
We have a couple of days to wait for the results.
In the meantime, my weight gain remains on track(5 lbs since last month's visit) and my blood pressure is steady, and the baby h/b was good. My OB said, "Expect to gain 15 more lbs!" and I was thinking, "Oh no." and told Mr. S he should do it. The getting up and down thing is getting noticeably harder, and sadly, I can't live in the pool, so it is no fun to imagine gaining that much more.
I think the baby had the hiccups yesterday, it was the oddest, bubbly sensation!
My friend came over and helped us with the big sort/clear out of the nursery yesterday. We cleared off the counters and cabinets(the room was a small kitchen once) and now have to sort the books and move them out. We picked up a hand-me-down and nice crib (made by Ragazzi, a schmancy company, but it looks like a regular white crib)on Friday. It is all becoming very very real! I will take and post some pics at some point, but it may be a week or so.


  1. can't wait to see pics of your nursery! Hope the GTT results come back quickly and clear!

  2. Glad everything looks good!! Can't wait to see pics!

  3. I'm sure the results will be great. Definitely not looking forward to taking that one, although I always loved those orange icee pops.

    Did I ask you when you first felt the baby kick? I can't wait to feel mine - I'll be 17 weeks on Wednesday.

  4. So glad everything is going so smoothly.

    I still can't believe we ended up in the same spot. My cribs arrive in two days. I agree the movements are so cool but hiccups must be amazing.

  5. This is so exciting - starting to get the baby room ready (or room for baby's stuff!) I can't believe you are already far enough along to do your glucose test! Wow, Poppy, after years of knowing each other and time draaaaagggging from one cycle to the next, now that we are HERE with our babies (one on the inside, one on the outside), it seems like time is speeding by.

    I am interested in the naming ceremony you mentioned. Can you post back to my blog and tell me about it?

  6. wow, the crib is a big thing. :)))) nice that you had help preparing the nursery.

  7. Can't wait for pics! Hope your results are all normal!