Friday, July 31, 2009


I've had my first, "I am awake and can't fall asleep because the baby is kicking" hours this week. What a surprise! I must say it is much easier to relax(as an pregnant woman who has dealt with infertility) with the daily reminders that our baby is doing well.

The baby seems to wait for me to recline(on the couch, at the pool, in bed) before doing the majority of the kicking and stretching. Mr. S and I have tried the talking thing(as in he says, "hello baby!" directly to my belly) and nothing has happened yet.

We did our first baby purchase. A stroller! Hurrah! It was on a crazy special, online, and is well-reviewed, so I went for it. It is nice to not have to be researching strollers anymore. We got a sort of urban jogger style, it is rugged like a jogger but a bit more compact, for city walking, etc. We walk a lot, so that is cool. And, it comes with a carry-cot, very cute, and should be cozy for our fall baby's first winter.

I've been on a craft kick, I started off with crocheting hats, and then moved on to sewing felt designs(that I cut out) to onesies, and am now making little stuffed shapes(mostly animals) for a mobile. We received a hand me down mobile with cutesy bunnies(that aren't my style) and Mr. S kept liking ones we saw at Bab.ies R Us, so I thought I'd make our own shapes and attach them to the mobile(one of the musical kinds). These crafts are a great break from my online teaching, and my wrist twinges(that worried me about carpal tunnel) are long gone.

We are going away for the weekend, a long drive, but should be a nice trip, our friends are throwing a birthday celebration in a state park in Ith.aca. I am looking forward to great food, laughter, lots of swimming, waterfalls, and seeing a different areas produce.

Speaking of local produce, I thought this would be fun....

This week the baby's growth has been brought to us by: oatmeal squares with blueberries; boiled eggs and toast, bacon; cantaloupe; corn; gazpacho; tomatoes; plums; venison jerky; ice cream; peaches; pattypan squash and zucchini; walnuts; iced tea. Only a few items(and staples, like flour) aren't local, which is pretty awesome. My neighbors gave me a bag of venison jerky they had made. It is my first venison, and really, I can't tell a huge difference from it and my normal vegetarian jerky, tastewise.


  1. I can't wait to see the animals for your mobile and hear more about your stroller. Can you send a link (because I'm a nerd)? Can't wait to hang out this weekend!

  2. I've been trying to eat more locally in recent months, but I am a seafood junkie living on the flatland...

    I'm so glad that all is going well. Finding the right stroller is a huge thing off your to do list.

  3. I love that you're crocheting all of these little outfits. My MIL taught me how to knit a few winters ago and I was thinking about taking it up again. Maybe to make a couple cute little hats or something. I wouldn't want their little heads getting cold this winter. Thanks for sparking the idea into my much clouded head. :)

    And thanks for your recent comment on my post. I think you're right. Once I can feel the babies, I'll have more peace of mind.

  4. Yipee for your stroller and such an active baby!!

  5. Yay for your baby make her/himself known on a daily basis. I can imagine how much reassurance that gives you. Your food sounds great! That's so awesome you can get almost everything local.

    ....vegetarian jerky????....

  6. I love it when they are moving-even if it costs me sleep!

    I'd love to see pics of all of your crafts!!

  7. you sound great! the food descriptions for your week also looked scrumptuous! yum!
    I love summer...
    how cool that you are doing all these different crafts. :)) such a beautiful way to nest.

  8. I also am curious which stroller you bought - sounds like exactly what we're looking for.

    So glad that you are feeling lots of baby movement. Sometimes I wonder if the movement is more pronounced when I'm laying down, or if I just feel it more then (and am quieter and more relaxed).