Tuesday, August 4, 2009

waterfalls, cloth diapers and sweets

We had a great weekend away. Our friends reserved 12 cabins for us in a state park, and it was such a blast walking through the cabin area and seeing friends, and having breakfasts together, all above a gorgeous lake. We did some ridiculously cold swimming yesterday at a waterfall. Everyone else jumped in, but I had to climb in, in deference to baby and belly.

We stopped at a brewery on the way out of town and I got some fantastic local brewed root beer as a treat, and Mr. S got some dark ale. Then we met up for a final lunch, and ate at Moosewood! We were at the end of the lunch hour, so the menu was limited, but yummy.

We went to the most adorable kids consignment(and some new) shop up in Ith.aca. Oh my, it was the first time I was like "it would be nice to know if we were having a boy or girl." Adorable clothes, toys, etc. Also, they had a nice display of cloth diaper options, which is great, as I had mostly been 'seeing' them online. This person makes them locally, there and her website is awesome: http://www.esbaby.net/shop/
Mr. S was totally into the stuff we saw, it is great to have him enjoying this kind of thing.

The long drive (and perhaps me being 26 weeks now) made for a tired me with my first case of swollen feet. Oh well, I had hoped to avoid that little bit of pregnancy fun. And, my belly seems to have leapt out all of a sudden! My little weekly e-pregnancy update says my uterus is now the size of a basketball, so I guess it makes sense I am feeling it(size, weight) so much more.

Oh, and I passed my GTT! Yay and hurrah! Now I can enjoy my fancy rootbeer without guilt. My OB says I am mildly anemic, but that is normal for most of his patients in this stage of pregnancy.

I have a 'driving hangover' today and came to the pool to work and to cool down. It is such a luxury that I can do this!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful trip! I have brief moments of wishing I was not team green - clothing, bedding and diapering always get me :)
    Enjoy the pool - that has been my greatest wish of the summer. Haven't had a single pool day...sigh

  2. What a fun weekend. Sounds like summer camp for adults. We are planning on cloth diaps too, but since nursing is still difficult, I am wanting to have us get better at that before taking on the work of cloth. But I'm looking forward to getting her little bum into cotton.

  3. So glad that you passed the glucose test! Hooray!