Monday, May 18, 2009


The general run of our days while away(and not counting the 2 planes, 2 taxi's and ferry to get there, and to return)...
Wake around 630-730.
Eat breakfast. Read, talk to people.
spend the morning swimming, snorkeling or hanging out with people(depending on rain)
12-make lunch and eat it on beach or in cabin.
swim/snorkel or read, journal for afternoon.
go to pavilion for dinner*, talk, watch beautiful sunset over water.
evening: go to lecture in park, or slideshow/documentary, or play cards. Talk lots.
To bed between 930-11pm
(to clarify, lodging is cheap-$80/night, but food is pricey- dinner ran $20, so we often shared)

No tv, radio, newspaper or even indoor spots, for most of the week(unfortunately, a mosquito 'bloom' happened 2 days before we left, and indoors/sealed cabins would've been nice). We kept 'forgetting' to go online and check email until the day we left. We figured that if something was dire we'd hear about it through the main desk people, or Mr.S's cell-phone(mine didn't like the humidity and cut out on the 2nd day).

Some great things we saw while snorkeling: schools of purple and yellow fish, parrotfish (that look like they are made of checkered fabric) a few ray's (incl. a huge one) a couple of sea-turtles(one over 5 feet) many purple sea fans, sea urchins, coral of many colors, nurse sharks and huge starfish.

Neither of us has had such a relaxing time since our honeymoon. It was awesome!

We also met up with our good friend's brother and met his 10month old daughter. He took us on a boat/snorkel trip one day that was partially fun and partially stressful b/c the waves were REALLY rough and I had some anxiety about banging the baby around, as well as picturing out boat flipping over(small powerboatish things, one for us and one for him)...while out in the open sea. I seem to be a tad bit less adventurous right now....
We did see some great fish, urchins and sea fans while out with him.

We met a great couple, and the woman is a doula/childbirth educator, it was cool to have her around to discuss things with. It was fun to meet lots of new people and be able to say "we're expecting" and have it be a normal 'next phase of life' thing.

Now I have to catch up with what is going on with everyone!


  1. Welcome home, it sounds so delightful and so glad you met so many nice people and Fish!

  2. So will we get some beautiful pictures of this vacation? It sounds amazing!

  3. Wow, what a great sounding vacation - really my ideal! I love snorkeling. What is a sea fan?

  4. I must ask...did you stay at Maho Bay? The pavillion, no t.v., main desk, even the mosquitos brought back my honeymoon memories.

    This post has me especially excited about heading to the Carribean next month. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Sounds amazing & relaxing and rejuvenating! Would love to see pics.
    Were the skeeters awful? That is my own personal nightmare! they LOVE me

  6. thanks everyone-
    s.e. yes, we did 2 days at cinnamon, and 5 at maho(which is what we did on our honeymoon) I think it is a great place for a vacation, for people who like it mellow.

  7. Heaven! Thanks for sharing, helped me escape my boring night for a few minutes :)

  8. Yippee-getting away does a body (and soul) good! I wouldn't worry about those waves too much-I'm sure baby was grooving in the amniotic waves...that said, I know I would have had my heart in my mouth, too!