Monday, May 4, 2009

rain and a heartbeat

Today was framed by rain, as a lot of this spring has been.
The minutes of the day:
Mr. S and I walked in the rain, this morning and voted in our tiny town's election. It is strange to live in a small town(pop 1500) that is surrounded by large towns and the capitol, just a mile away.
Then I got ready for school, went and did some grading, went to my (now) monthly OB appt.

After months and years of every visit to an OB or RE involving blood tests and scans it was very strange to just leave a little urine, have myself weighed, and have my blood pressure checked. Then my OB came in and said, "OK, you're 13 weeks, let's see if we can hear the heartbeat."

It took him a minute, and I got a bit worried, but tried to remain calm, but he found it(after hearing my obvious, slower beat) the under-water rapid woosh entered the room, and he said, "good, it is a strong beat." And that was it!

The appointment was almost anti-climatic, except for hearing the so very reassuring heartbeat. I go back in in a month.

Then I took the metro to my car and went to meet a new tutoring student.

It rained from here to there, all day. And, I think I am catching a cold. But, I feel like I am entering truly into 'normal pregnant lady' status, slowly, oddly.


  1. Wonderful news!! Congratulations!

    Hey, did you ever feel crampy (period type cramps) during the first couple of weeks? I felt them when my ovaries started growing last week (I hyperstimmed) and I've had them all day. My stomach is less bloated, so I think the hyperstim is getting better - but wondering if the ovaries could hurt on their way back down too. My RE's office said not to worry - cramps are normal during the first tri, but still...freaking out a little bit. Advice? My 3rd beta is tomorrow, so hopefully I'll feel better after those results are in.

  2. Hooray for normal pregnant lady status! I can't wait for that day!

    Thanks for the support!

  3. I love walks in the rain!! Yeah for being a normal pregnant lady!!

  4. Erica- I felt cramps for at least 2 full weeks(maybe 3?)post bfp, and my ovaries were swollen, and I had some fluid in my abdomen too. Ugh. It is scary(and uncomfortable) but normal. Good luck!

    Thanks ladies.

  5. There is nothing greater than the swoosh of the baby's heartbeat.

  6. Poppy, this is so exciting!!!! I was smiling as I read about the heartbeat.
    Yeps.. the rain... it's almost making me feel like I live in a tropical place again...
    as least all the flowers are now blooming, they make me so happy. :)

  7. Yippee for hearing the heartbeat. I totally understand why women buy/rent those doppler devices, but know that I would obsess WAYYY too much if I had one. Take care of that cold.

  8. Yay for a strong heartbeat! And yay for being a normal pregnant lady! That's just great.

  9. I'm so glad there was a nice, strong heartbeat. A bunch of my friends are headed to DC for the correspondent's dinner this weekend - I'll hope the weather clears up for you all!

  10. That is awesome news! Relish in that beautiful heartbeat and start preparing! ;-)

  11. That's Fantastic!! Yay for a strong h/b and pregnant lady status!

  12. Did you get to see an ultrasound or just the heartbeat? Either way, very cool. Hearing it makes it all very real!