Tuesday, April 7, 2009

walking, blossoms

We live near D.C. and it is cher.ry blos.som season! Usually we go down on the kite fe.stival day, but it was a grey, drizzly day. So, we want this past Saturday, when pretty much anyone who lives near D.C. or has come here for sp.ring break also went.

Wow, talk about crowds! We also walked a ton, from the japanese street festival on one side of town to the other end of the mall, where the blossoms are. I am a good walker, I've lived in and near cities for much of my life, and I can walk and walk.

Well, I could.

All this 'reduced activity' my RE has had me on has definitely messed with my stamina. I was seriously worn out, on the walk to the met.ro. Add to that that it was late, and our friend kept walking fast and I kept saying, "we can't walk this fast." but he would remember for about 2 minutes. And I felt embarrassed to slow us down. But, not foolish enough to give into that. Everyone else admitted to tired legs/feet, once we were sitting, so I wasn't the only one.

But, the blossoms were amazing. They are pretty all over town, but there is something about the way they look, circling the water, their dark bark and the pale pink petals. It is truly magical. Everyone walks a little slower and gets entranced by certain trees when they enter the grove. Everyone gets a little pagan. I stood under a tree that had branches hovering just over the water and watched the water dance, and the petals floating in the breeze and just felt gratitude and hope for the future, for a return, next year, with our hoped for baby.

My morning sickness has decreased a ton, which has had me a bit worried, but other symptoms remain in effect. I will feel better(I hope) once we have our first OB appt. on Thursday.


  1. Hooray for cherry blossoms! It sounds lovely. Best of luck to you on Thursday.

  2. They are so beautiful! I wish we would have gotten down there on Sunday...

    So glad you are feeling a little better!

  3. Cherry blossom trees are my favorite! There is a HUGE one right down the street from where I work and I just imagine laying underneath it, staring up at the weeping branches. What a perfect place to sit back and chill. Too bad it isn't on my property. :(

    Good luck at your OB appointment! Keep me posted.

  4. The cherry blossoms are blooming here too, and are so beautiful! Nothing like the sheer amount you have there, though.

    Wishing you LOTS of luck tomorrow at the OB appointment!