Thursday, April 9, 2009

Little Bouncer

I've had a lot of family stress this week, and was getting nervous about stress and miscarriage.

Thankfully, our little baby is thriving.

We had our first regular OB appointment this morning. They did a belly ultrasound! Too early to hear the heartbeat, but we could see plenty. The baby measured exactly 9.5 weeks and had a strong heartbeat. And, we saw it move! An arm wave, and some general bouncing.

Oh my, that short view of our baby moving is the best thing I've seen in a long long time. Mr S. was like, "we need to video that next time" even 5 seconds of movement was amazing.

I am now labeled 'low risk' except my age, which the Dr. isn't worried about. Wow.
Next up, nuchal test. Not sure when, yet. The OB said that since I've been dealing with IF, etc, I am extremely informed and way ahead of what most first time parents know. Finally, my research addiction is paying off!


  1. Woohoo! That's great news! Low risk!

    I think our nuchal test was 12th week. We opted for the test because our insurance paid for it and also we got to watch the baby on the u/s screen for 20 minutes. It was the best.

  2. Oh what a joyful happy day you must be having! What a treat to see your little one moving around, safe & warm!

  3. it would be great to have a video of your baby moving. It must be so cool... like a dance in the water...
    Fabulous news that the little one is growing strong and healthy and that you are doing well overall.
    Cool that you get to see the cherry blossoms in DC. I only see that on television and always wondered what it would be like to stroll along so much beauty. I believe that beauty, natural beauty, is always nourishing to the soul.

  4. Yay for low risk and for a wavey bouncy little baby!

  5. Yay for low risk, and yay for healthy baby!! I'm sorry you're having a lot of family stress lately - that is so hard.

  6. Yay for you and your husband! I am so happy for you two!

  7. Research addiction... I love it... I'm right there with you. After my second m/c my OB laughed at me (in a nice way) when I told him I needed as many answers he could give me because I would just end up googling it all anyway.

  8. Yippee!! Low risk!

    I'm getting tired of all the "age" comments as well. My favorite was from the less than warm/fuzzy RE: "Your'e not old," (dramatic pause) "You're just past your prime."

    Glad you saw your baby swimming up a storm!

  9. Wonderful!! Little bouncer sounds so adorable. So glad all is well, sorry for the stress.

  10. i'm just catching up - so exciting!!!! you'll love the nuchal test - lots of time to look and marvel at the wee one.