Saturday, April 11, 2009

Coming Out

We decided we're telling Mr. S's family tomorrow at Easter Lunch. We were going to use the new ultrasound pic, put it in a card, etc. But now, we're not sure what to do, how to do it. The new u/s pic is poor quality and the baby looks quite lumpy- like a potato. When it was in motion it was adorable, but the Dr. froze it and printed at an awkward moment. Ah well.
Obviously, we could just say it. But, since we've waited this long, it would be fun to do something more memorable.
Mr. S says he thinks his Mom knows. The family knew we were doing one more IVF this spring, but we didn't exactly say when...
We honestly thought we'd tell family early, but neither of us realized how worried we'd be.
We are finally starting to (tentatively) relax. There is something about a moving baby that reassures one. Well, reassures me.

The weather is grey, rainy and cool. Perfect for staying in and finishing our taxes. We've done everything by the health deductions. We're hoping that will be a nice refund maker!

Have you dreamed of how you'd tell family? Or, have you had great ways to do it?

I have this sad little target christmas/reindeer baby hat I bought 2+ yrs ago, thinking I could give it to them to tell them we were pregnant. Ah, the naivete of early trying...


  1. Doesn't matter how blurry the picture is. Everyone knows what an ultrasound means! Be prepared to be hugged to death!

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  3. I think you should give them the Christmas thingy. Tell them, "better late than never." :)

    Enjoy that moment - you deserve it!

  4. I think I would want to show the family the U/S as I would wait as well. Putting it in a card is a great idea! Good luck!

  5. I completely understand what you mean about wanting the announcement to be meaningful and special. When we announced our little one to our parents, I wrote a poem about the baby, put it in a baby picture frame, wrapped it up and gave it to both of them. They had no clue and were pleasantly surprised when they read the poem and it clicked! You are so wonderful with words..what a poem that could accompany your ultrasound pic?

  6. Caught at an awkward moment! Too funny, cuz I think all 9 week babies look a little awkward, and alien. I agree, give them the photo anyway.

    I had planned to draw a baby on my belly and write "due Feb 25" and email the photo to my friends and famiy. Of course, I'd've called mom and dad and not made them wait for an email. You are fortunate to be able to tell them in person.

  7. With our first pregnancy, we just did the phone calls... DH was so excited that he couldn't wait to tell the world. With our second pregnancy, we took pics of the positive hpt and put them in little silver baby elephant frames and gave them to our parents as Christmas presents. Next time around, I think we will be more cautious... but I found some beautiful little ultrasound pic frames that say "Love at first sight" so I purchased them. I'll only use them if we make it past the 8 week mark.