Monday, April 13, 2009

the soft and confusing hat

My Easter was a long, nice and exhausting one. First, bagels with Mr. S(since we figured we should avoid eggs or sweet stuff), and we ran into 3 of my coll.ege stu.dents. A little awkward, but fine.

Then to the market, (farmer's and co-op) I am able to deal with food buying again!

While driving, I called my Dad, and told him we could help him move next weekend, but I wouldn't be able to do much, b/c I am pregnant. He was happy, but cautious. 10 weeks clearly means nothing to him. Funny how quickly some men forget.

Then to the in-law's, we helped get food ready, and waited, a bit anxiously. We knew we were going to tell them, and had planned to use an u/s pic, but it wasn't good quality, so we switched gears.

We waited until lunch was mostly over and gave MiL a tissue box with a hat in it(my new fun way to give baby hats) she was confused, but willing, pulled out the baby hat( the reindeer theme one I got awhile ago at target) and looked more confused(at the size, she liked how soft it was), and I said, "We are hoping that our baby who should be born in November will fit into that!"

Then everyone screamed or laughed and there was general cacophony. SiL started to cry(happily) which was so sweet. Mr.S's family is very sweet, sometimes louder than I am used to, but joyous. They were thrilled to hear about us seeing the baby move.

After lunch we cleaned up some, and I gave our niece some plant/compost advice and then drove straight to our good friend's for their daughter's 1st birthday.
Also fun, but I think the emotions of the day had gotten to me. We got home at 6pm and I was wiped out.

We watched Baby Mama, which I thought would be funnier, and I went to bed.

A nice, rich day, but tiring. Happily, all parents and siblings know now!

Thanks for the 'sharing' support!


  1. How wonderful to share your news. 10 weeks, Yeah!!!

  2. Sounds like a beautiful day!! I am so happy you got to share your news on the holiday!

  3. What a fantastic day!!! I'm glad you were finally able to give the reindeer hat - that must have felt terrific. :)

  4. What a nice day, being able to share your news...and the dream of your little one in a sweet holiday hat!

  5. I am so glad your family gets to share your news with you. 10 weeks feels great, I am sure!!

    Thanks for stopping by and for the congrats. Cautious optimism over here. ;)


  6. that's an interesting way to share these big news... a hat! I wouldn't have thought of that. Cool that you could make use of the holiday theme too. How wonderful that everyone was so happy and excited for you guys. And yeay that you can do food shopping again :)