Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Next Worry

We have our NT scan next week. I am excited(to really see the baby) and nervous(sometimes IVF patients get false positives on the blood part of the test)...

It has been a long week, not as long as last week, though. But between finalizing taxes, and getting a flat tire yesterday(on my longest work day- 1 class in the morning and one in the evening) and pouring rain, I am READY for the weekend!

I stopped taking progesterone and estrogen Sunday(at 10 week mark) anyone else stop at that point?

It is sunny today, and I have an accidental day off(we couldn't get the tire changed in time for me to do my morning job- sucks to not get paid, but I am trying to look on the bright side).... I am going to relax a bit and then go get new tires(we put the spare on). And then I shall be outside in the sun.


  1. I hope you get lots of rest this weekend. Sorry for the flat tire.
    Best Wishes on a Great NT scan!

  2. What is the NT scan?

    I'm glad you get to enjoy the day. It's beautiful where I am too. Spring has sprung...finally!

  3. Good luck with the next wait here. The nice thing about the NT u/s is that you can get that number right there (ie, within normal range). True, the rest of the sequential or integrated screen requires the bloodwork and a bit more time, but just getting that reassurance from the u/s is nice.

    I have heard of people going off the P4 at 10 weeks, so that should be fine for you.

    How'd it go telling Mr. S's family?

  4. thanks Martha!
    Erica- Nuchal Translucency- it can rule out Down's and possible heart issues.

    Evergreen- see previous post:)

  5. Enjoy your weekend! Flat tires (and the like) come when they are least needed/expected... but I'm glad you were able to turn it into a time to catch up on some rest.

  6. I'm excited for you as usual! I went off PIO at 9 weeks, I believe. :) Yay for no more needles!

  7. Yes, I was also told to stop progesterone at 10 weeks. At your scan, there are other factors other than the blood test that give them a lot of info. (I just found this out.) A nasal bone is a good sign, for example.
    Have a great and well deserved weekend.

  8. Good luck at your test next week! I hope you have a nice, relaxing, sunny weekend :)

  9. Happy 11 weeks! When is your NT scan? Can't wait to hear how it went!