Saturday, April 18, 2009

Who's Next?

Mr. S and I were talking, a couple of weeks ago, and wondering who will be the next person we know to announce they are pregnant.

We've been trying for so long that over a dozen people we know have become pregnant, and, at first, we would think, "Ah, wouldn't it be cool if we're pregnant at the same time as them?" but that game became too sad, as we continued to not get pregnant, and have watched those pregnancies become babies and then toddlers. Children that we love.

So now that we ARE pregnant, we realized we only know of people due before us. Of course, this is because most people won't announce a pregnancy until they are at 10-12 weeks.

Anyway, we had the loveliest surprise last night. We went out with 2 friends, to see a movie. Afterwards, we went to get 'a drink' and after we'd ordered, our friend said, "Actually, we have something to tell you. We're pregnant too!" She went on to say that she's known for awhile, and she felt bad not telling us, since she had 'cheated' and read my blog. But, they've had losses and were as scared as us, and telling no one. As you all know, we have felt the same way, so totally understood. It is nice for Mr. S to have another man who has felt the same anxiety and worry that he has felt. And now, hopefulness.

I won't go into more details, on the off chance anyone who knows her is reading(although I don't think they are, yet). But, this is just lovely, fantastic news! And, she is due the day after me!


  1. That is wonderful, I send my best to You All!! Here's to the health and happiness of all!

  2. Yay! It's so great to share that joy with each other. And to be so close in due dates - you will keep each other sane in those last days!

  3. I feel the same way, like that's one of the things I lost out on, getting to be pregnant and have babies at the same time as friends. This is great news that your friend is expecting too, and also that she understands the fears.

  4. How exciting! I'm glad you have an IRL friend that understands all that you've been through.

    Have a great week! :)