Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Eating While It is Easy

I am expecting morning sickness to kick in any day now(I am at 5weeks 3 days) so I keep thinking "eat while you can!" It is a strange thought.
It is tempered by two things:
1. Worry that what I want to eat/drink is BAD for pregnancy. I drink a lot of tea, and green tea is now out, and so are many herbs. Decaf is getting boring.
2. Still over-sized ovaries that make me unable to eat a whole lot in one sitting.

Another strange pregnancy symptom: my veins are dark blue and seem very pronounced. Not just in the chest (where it hits most pale people) but in my arms, and even hands. I feel like I am see-through. I look like a vampire's fantasy.

And, the super-sense of smell that most people get. Most annoying on the metro, man, can I smell bad breath. It probably isn't even bad, on most people. In class one day I could've guessed what each student had eaten for lunch that day, based on a quick walk by.

This pregnancy remains a mostly well-guarded secret. Quite different than before. The hardest time(during our ridiculously social weekend) was the babyshower for SIL on Sunday, with all of Mr. S's family there. They know we're in process with IVF, but we kept the dates fuzzy.

We'll probably revisit the "when should we tell family" topic after the ultrasound on Friday.


  1. what about the fruity teas? i'm assuming you are trying those as well.
    I can't imagine being that see-through. I never imagined that people who are pale can see their veins in their chest... I always see mine in my hands, feet and arms. It must be because of your increased bloodflow.
    GL on the scan!

  2. Glad you are feeling good. Yuck - to the smells! You can find a list of teas/herbs online that are pg approved and then visit Teavana in Annapolis mall and get a custom blend made - YUM!
    GL @ u/s!

  3. Good idea to take advantage of eating while you can (and want to)! So happy for you guys.

    Good luck at the ultrasound!!

  4. Can't wait till the u/s! Sorry about the increased sensitivity to bad breath!

  5. "In class one day I could've guessed what each student had eaten for lunch that day, based on a quick walk by."

    This would be a great premise for a short story! (my husband does a little writing, and I'm his self-appointed muse - seeing story inspiration everywhere! Unsolicited of course)

    I'll be thinking of you tomorrow. :-)