Friday, March 13, 2009

Ultrasound one

I woke up super early this morning with anxiety about the pregnancy and ultrasound. I was worried there's be no baby, or I'd have an ectopic, or something. (I have had lots of odd pains).

We got to the clinic in record(for a weekday) time, and even ran into a friend who is currently on IUI's, and very hush-hush so we didn't ask her anything(or tell)... After a long wait, we were called in, and we saw...
One yolk sac. I had a moment of super-sadness. What about embryo B? But, I am getting over it. The RE said the sac was in a great place(high up) and he thought he could see the fetal pole and h/b area, but the u/s tech was like "I am not convinced" which wasn't great for Mr. S's worry-nodes. But, she didn't realize we aren't at 6 weeks yet(they usually wait until then) and her parting comment was, "If you were here this afternoon, I bet we'd catch that heartbeat." Which made me happy.

We have a picture, but it is super tiny and just looks like a round donut in a dot. Mr. S couldn't scan it at work.

The rest of the day has lived up to Fri. 13th unluckiness, they couldn't find our b/w order, so we had to wait 30 more minutes to do that, and then I hit HORRENDOUS traffic on my drive to the city/school and I was so late my students had already left(which I knew would happen, college students may leave after 15 min, and I was almost 30 minutes late). So, the stressful drive was all for naught.

But, I am safely home, and enjoying imagining that even now my body is host to not one heartbeat, but two. Mine and that of our tiny tiny baby.


  1. I am glad you were able to see a donut this morning. It must be bittersweet to see one and say goodbye to another all at once.

    Hold on to every encouraging thought.

    (I always thought the 15 mminute rule was an urban legend. Sorry they didn't wait around!)

  2. What a lovely visual of two heartbeats, sending my best.
    Sorry for the terrible traffic.

  3. so good you could see your little donut there, all cozy in your womb. :)))
    you'll get the heartbeat next time.
    be well

  4. Congratulations Mama!!! I love the last line of this post :)

    I am sorry about embryo B...but so excited for your new little one!

  5. I'm sorry about embryo B. Everything with your one lovely baby sounds wonderful. Hoping everything continues healthily for you both!!

  6. Bittersweet news. so happy that you got confirmation that baby a is looking good, but very sorry about embryo b. hang in there. I know you'll feel so much better when you can see the hb.

  7. I'm so excited to hear about your little one. Snuggle and grow, baby!

  8. thank you so much everyone, I knew you would understand the happy/sad combo.

  9. That's wonderful that things are measuring right on! Congratulations!