Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Levels checked, and the racing heart

I've been in twice to do "stim checks" once to the cold and drafty location, and once in the cozy warm office. These things make a difference when sitting with your bottom half exposed! Like other veteran IF'ers, I have taken to wearing fun socks, some days. I was polka-dotted last week, and stripey on Saturday.

So, my levels are looking good. Saturday, after 3 days of stims(187.5 iu gonal-f, and 75 luveris) my estrogen was 210(up from 64 3 days prior) and there were 23 follicles. Monday(after 5 days of same dosage) my estrogen was at 476, and I had 8 follicles(4 on each ovary) at 10-12 mm, and about 14 more, smaller. So, I am just a little ahead of where I was with the last IVF. My RE is predicting we will do egg retrieval on Sat/Sun.

I am trying to be calm and relaxed, but, unfortunately, my quickly rising estrogen levels seems to be messing with my heart. It has been racing, on and off, since Sunday afternoon. Yesterday I was crazy busy with 2 jobs, plus going to the doctor, but today I have only a little work to do, so shall cultivate calm.

If only I could plant calm the way I plant lettuce. Select the proper amount for each space, make room, smooth the soil and pat. Wait for sun and rain.

Mr. S realized he is starting to be nervous about our upcoming egg retrieval, etc. It is hard to ignore the magnitude of our commitment/experience, when our dining room table is covered in meds, boxes of needles, and checklists.


  1. Oh Poppy,

    I am going to send you some calming vibes -- perhaps if I send you some I'll calm down myself -- and I'm a few weeks behind you yet :)



  2. Your image of planting calm is perfect! Hold that image, work through it in your mind, and it will calm you down.

    You be calm, and we'll be excited for you! :-) Unfortunately I'll be out of town for a week, so will miss your ER and ET, but know that I will be thinking of you!

  3. Sending my best as you cultivate calm. The excitement is understandable for you and Mr.S. Best Wishes for your egg retrieval, a great fert and implant report.

  4. I hope you can calm yourself a bit. I like the lettuce analogy.

    ...thinking of you for ER. Good luck!

  5. Looking good! Very excited for you! I know I owe you an email - gonna go find the file right now...

  6. I am sending waves of calm your way. I actually picked up this meditation CD for IVF to help me relax. I am normally not into meditation, but these seem to be helping a bit. I am fairly certain we are at the same clinic in MD, the IVF processing plant as I call it.

    Take care of yourself and good luck with the rest of your appointments this week.

  7. thanks for the updates. happy to hear the numbers are looking good.

    sometimes i calm myself by going into the guided relaxation pose in yoga. it works best when i lay down but i also do it seated.

    i give time to various parts of my body, letting them relax and fall towards the floor. thanking the muscles for all the work they do and ask them to let go for a while. sending my breath to each place as i think of it relaxing, opening up, relaxing down.

  8. I like the idea of planting calm. Good luck with everything this weekend. We'll be thinking good thoughts.