Friday, February 13, 2009

first double

Sometimes it seems like with IVF and with Infertility it is all about doubling. If you get a positive beta, they want it to double within a certain time frame.

Well, my estrogen almost doubled from yesterday(1055) to today (1962) so they have told me to do the trigger shot tonight. Wow! I have about 12 follicles that are "measureable" which means they are 12-20mm each. Here's hoping a couple more rally before Sunday morning.

Walking quickly has become something I can't do, so I am happy to get these follicles/eggs out asap.

Also, I've developed hives on both inner arms. ITCHY! I actually had this happen with last IVF, and blamed it on doxycyline, but I am not taking that now, so it must be something else. My RE said to take benadryl, and isn't too worried. Why do I have to be the person with random allergies?

It is probably the lupron, hives are listed as a possible s/e (in like 1% of people). Ah well. Add it to the list of things I hate about lupron.

Here's hoping that I see a similar doubling in a few weeks, when I do my beta. It is getting close. I am excited, worried, anxious and hopeful.


  1. Here's to happy triggering!

    I hate that it always about the numbers. I often think maybe I will just ask the nurses not to share but then I imagine the constant unknown and change my mind.

    I will add your hives to my list of reasons I hate lupron too. Yuck.

    You have an exciting weekend ahead of you and I hope beyond all hopes it goes well and you see more doubling soon!

  2. Happy trigger night! I always hate the day after trigger - crappy! I can't believe you are here all ready! GL!!!

  3. Best Wishes for wonderful doubling and the trigger too. Grow Follies grow!

  4. Oh, good luck with the triggering and the ER. I can't believe it is here already, and I'm very excited for you.

    Good luck, and Happy Valentine's Day!

  5. Happy triggering! What a crazy random allergy, hopefully it remains tolerable. I would blame it on the lupron, I only used it in one cycle and hated it.

    I hope your retrieval goes well on Sunday.