Monday, December 1, 2008

the first float

I am someone who remembers her dreams. This can be quite fun, interesting, surreal, etc. But, since the miscarriage it has been not so great. I haven't been sleeping well, for months. It has been exhausting. The first week that I started to have non-nightmares only happened recently(about 2 weeks ago).

So, it came as a lovely surprise to have the following dream 2 nights ago. (don't worry, I'll be brief, I know dreams get boring for the listener/reader)

I was at a friend's wedding, talking to some of his fictitious (and surprisingly caribbean) aunties. They asked me to help re-settle one of the large table umbrellas. I was to hold the top tines in place as some guys helped set the end-post into the ground. Suddenly a wind came and lifted the top of the umbrella(like a sun-shade one) up. They yelled "Let go, you'll be carried away!" but I was enjoying the feeling of being lifted, and I looked and saw a hill in the direction I was being blown.

I said, "Don't worry, I'll drop off over there" and some of them watched as I floated over a small stream and near a slight sloped hill. I let go, and dropped, lightly, into a field. I looked at my feet and realized the field was all strawberry plants, low and viny. I saw a woman picking them, and wondered if the farmer would mind if I picked some. I leaned over and saw that some of the fruit was bruised, by cold, I thought, but some was ripe.

It was a quick dream. But so lovely, and so rare, these days. I am superstitious to a point, but I know dreams aren't tellers of the future, they are more about wants/dreams, etc. So, I don't expect any fertile fields to mean I'm suddenly going to have an easy time of it. But, it is nice to dream.


  1. What a neat dream! My husband often has flying dreams, and I've always wanted to experience that for myself. I hope you land in your fertile field soon!

  2. Thank you for sharing and send my best.

  3. nice dream. what's most insteresting to me was the fact that others were scared by what you were doing, but you were having fun, knew where you were going, and let go at the precise place where you wanted, to arrive where you desired. This is a very positive dream, a very healthy message from your subconscious.

  4. Fun dream! I only have anxiety dreams. I've forgotten my locker combination, I've forgotten to study for the test, I've can't find my classroom, etc.