Monday, September 1, 2008

This Just In, Hormones Have Arrived

I've been a little extra emotional ever since starting the estrogen for the FET, so I haven't noticed any extra weepiness lately.

Well, I hadn't. Until just now.

I was reading blog-o-sphere updates and was reading Destination Baby's( ) update, and she mentioned that my BFP made her feel more relaxed for her big 19 wk u/s. And I started crying. She and I were in an IVF "buddy group" in May, and both are dealing with MFI.

It just hit me how many people have been pulling for us, both our wonderful in-person community and online people I have never met. And then I thought of all the women(and men) who've had to go through IF without this kind of support/community, and that made me more weepy. Thank god for the bulletin boards, blogs, connectors, and the unbelievably honest people writing every day. Every emotion, fear and elation.

Infertility has been the hardest thing I've ever dealt with in my life. And, I've had some doozies. But this trumps all of it. Mentally ill, hospitalized Mom; having to live with our grandparents; mentally ill, custody holding dad; abusive step-mother...etc. All pale compared to dealing with IF.

I know I already wrote a thank you post, but I guess I am doing another one. Don't worry, I only cried for like 5 minutes! And writing this only got a few more tears.


  1. How sweet, your post made me feel all warm and happy inside. Poppy, your little one is truly blessed to have such a loving mom. Best Wishes for a great follow up beta and U/S.

  2. Awwww, now you made me get a few more tears, too! I felt true joy when I read about your BFP, and I even told S about it as we were getting ready for our appointment.

    I bring up my "on-line friends" quite often in real life, in fact. So much that it kinda embarrasses me, sometimes, but hey... there's a huge wealth of experience among us all, and I might as well share it with the rest of the world, too.

    BTW, I know exactly what you mean about the mere fact of being pregnant being such a big relief. I completely agree. We knew that MFI was probably our major issue, but I always had a secret fear that maybe there was something wrong with me or my uterus or its maybe-too-thick lining. A BFP at least got rid of that little part of my worries.

  3. I too am honored to be connected with you and this amazing outside world. For so long, I tried to pretend that IF was not that difficult that I was stronger than most. After I started blogging, I let my guard down and realized how it was impacting my life.

    You and so many more people have become my hand holders and strength more than anyone could realize. Sending a thank you back to you.

  4. You are absolutely right. Without our on-line friends, we would be going through this essentially alone. Thank goodness for the support and comraderie that keeps us sane.

    At least your hormones are making you weepy, and mostly in a good way. It sucks when they make one into a raging bitch! :-P But, hey, yay for hormones, because YOU ARE PREGNANT!

  5. hey birch. congrats on making it through the barrier, good luck with the beta, I am definitely thinking about you. Sad I can't make it down right now, too much going on, but I'm definitely coming for Thanx time. miss you, good luck!!