Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The New Year

As someone who has been in academia, in some way, for 30 out of my 36 yrs, I always feel like a new year starts in September.

This year, that feeling is more pronounced.

Today is a day of changes.

1. My brother left for Guatemala at 5am(Mr. S drove him to airport, so I got to sleep, sweet man.)
2. I start school-teaching, that is. Felt woozy and shaky all throughout class. Probably just looked nervous.
3. No more pool, yesterday was our last day. I have to start cooking at home again!
4. My cell-phone, which was hit by a wave 10 days ago, and was working fine, has now decided life is over- all I get is a fuzzy-poltergeist-TV screen.
and, the doozy...
5. I got my 2nd beta hcg results. To put things in perspective, I expected the number to be around 1300, which would be a respectable 2 day doubling, from Friday's 311.
Nope, it is at 2786. I had to listen to the nurse's message again, because I busted out laughing when I heard the number.

We are quite pregnant! It is possible there are twins. We find out, one way, or another, next week at my very first not-looking-for-eggs/etc ultrasound. I will be happy either way( I will not, however, be excited about the triplets one of my bb buddies suggested the number suggested)... What a relief to have a good beta!


Now, let's add a chart to make it more school-like.

so, it could be a singleton, but might not be...


  1. Holy crap Birch, that's insane! Those cells are just multiplying away!! I can't believe that you can find out so quickly if you are carrying twins. Next week is no time at all!

  2. What a number! You are really, really pregnant. How wonderful!

    I hope it is sinking in. Try not to stress about the multiple part yet. But oh you might just have an instant family! Congrats.

  3. A quads joke probably wouldn't be funny, huh? But yay, yay, yay! How's the nicknaming coming along?

  4. That's wonderful and sending my best for a delightful U/S to see your little one/s. Good luck for the school year, hope you have nice students.

  5. Gosh! I bet you've got twins!!

  6. Beautiful beautiful!! Do they have a similar chart for twin pregnancies??

    I am so so happy for you!!!

  7. I got the "shivers through my body" when you commented about your very first "not-looking-for eggs ultrasound" How exciting Poppy!! I don't know if you will see one heart beat or two, but I am pretty sure it's all going to be okay. I can't wait to hear the news!! That U/S is coming up quickly!! Next week will be here before you know it. Love the chart by the way.

  8. Great numbers!!!! So so so excited for you!!!

  9. Yay - congrats on a fantastic beta!

    Just to ease your mind on the triplets, thing...my first beta at 15dp3dt was around 950, and my second beta a week later was close to 28,000. We've got a singleton! So it's really hard to tell by the numbers.

  10. exciting! super exciting!!!!!

  11. Eh - I wouldn't worry about the multiples thing just yet (easy for me to say!) because betas have such a big range and can be so fickle.

    Can't wait to hear about the ultrasound!